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I live out-of-town, out-of-state even, from Octagon Salon. I cannot get there often enough, so I truly hope my words will deliver you there! You will not fully understand until you experience the salon yourself, but I will try to describe what Octagon does for me, and will do for you.

Maybe like you, I arrive in my “too busy” fashion, but then I am greeted by warm smiles and calming surroundings. While the salon buzzes with activity, the staff’s focus on the clients and kindness even to each other centers me. I slowly unwind as a few of them begin discussing what I’ll be having done that day, and how wonderful it will be. They genuinely compliment me, encourage me, and cannot wait to see or hear about my treatments once I am finished.  What a dear staff . . .

When I take a moment to look around the salon, I notice Octagon clients come in all shapes, sizes, ages, styles, and the staff loves on each one-helping us feel our most beautiful, on the inside and out.  As a result of their personal care, I leave The Octagon Salon lighter on my feet and peeking in the mirror; I feel relaxed, encouraged, loved on and worthy.

Typically, I come to Octagon with ideas usually about what I want, and then, because of their passion and expertise, they extend my vision. They listen carefully for what I desire, pay attention to my style cues and my day-to-day patterns; then, they offer suggestions attuned to me-with their professionally trained eyes. With each visit to Octagon, I learn a few new tips to give me a sense of confidence and courage in my style. They speak to me of “classic” and “trendy,” and I leave with a more clear definition of my own style.

Are you like me? I find that when I’m not worried about how I look and feel so much, I am more able to focus on others. The Octagon stylists help me get my style “settled” so I can go on way to serve successfully.

But for just those moments at Octagon Salon, others serve me and take care of me. For that I am grateful. — Jaime N.

I had my first visit to this salon on Wednesday and FELL IN LOVE. When I walked in I wasn’t sure what to expect with it being my first time, but I was greeted with a clean and beautifully decorated facility. My stylist, Nicci, was warm and bubbly and very excited to do my color correction. I have had a very traumatic salon experience in the past (I said bye bye to most of my hair when a stylist at another salon fried it off trying to pull out the brown she accidentally put on my blonde hair) so I’m always nervous trying out new salons, but Nicci made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

While at the salon, I was mostly impressed with the amount of gossip I heard going on between the stylists, which was NONE. The thing I hate most is going to get my hair done and hearing the stylists go on about the coworkers who aren’t there, and there was none of that at Octagon! All of the employees were walking around smiling and complimenting each other and the clients.

At the end of the appointment, I was beaming. My hair was EXACTLY what I had wanted and my cut was perfect for my facial structure. Nicci has a fun and fresh style for hair, I would suggest her to anyone looking to do…well, just about anything to their hair! Definitely going back 🙂 — Kiley B, Racine WI

Got a haircut with Jodi-cuts me short and fades the edges the way I like it. She washed it again afterward to get those lose hairs out of there – nice touch. — Richard N., Lake Villa IL