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At Octagon Salon and Spa, we endeavor to grow a lasting relationship of mutual trust and respect. This passion for personal, authentic relationships and outstanding customer service transcends the norm.   We will take the time to listen, learn about your needs, and go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that your visit is memorable, unique, and rewarding in every way.

We are hair color specialists, visionary stylists, artists and professionals with  unparalleled talent and skill that has been honed through years of continual training and perfecting our craft.  From masterfully created hair color and styles to rejuvenating massage, facials, manicures and spa services,  you will find a wealth of options that can be customized according to your preferences.

Discover a salon experience like none other in Gurnee.  We look forward to meeting you!


Evie Peterson
Salon Director/ Level 9 Stylist

Jennifer Fulham
Level 8 Stylist

Ana Render
Level 6 Stylist

Candice Best
Level 6 Stylist

Jai Torres
Level 6 Stylist

Mallory Whetstone
Level 6 Stylist

Pamela Blume
Level 6 Stylist

Jodi Fapso
Level 5 Stylist

Kristan Rausch
Level 5 Stylist

Meighan Ward
Level 5 Stylist

Nicci Becker
Level 5 Stylist

Chrissy Heilemann
Level 4 Stylist

Emilee Burrow
Level 4 Stylist

Lexi Steele
Level 4 Stylist

Alex Wicinski
Level 2 Stylist

Denisse Zapata
Level 2 Stylist

Xenia Olmos
Level 2 Stylist

Brenna Garrity
Level 1 Stylist

Marissa Tarzian
Level 1 Stylist

Esther Zurita
Level 1 Stylist


Lauren Rutledge
Associate Stylist


Destinee Cooper
Level 2 Massage Therapist


Helena Bernardo-Eder
Level 6 Esthetician

Corri Hacke
Level 5 Esthetician

Bryanna LaLuz
Esthetician & Stylist


Kathleen Jones
Level 4 Nail Technician


Corin Grom
Guest Services & Wedding Coordinator

Leslie Gonzalez
Guest Service Coordinator

Isabel Alfaro
Guest Service Coordinator

Holli Craft
Guest Services Manager/Facility Manager

Erica Peterson
Guest Service Coordinator

Desirae Young
General Manager

Janelle Nagy
Salon Owner