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Healthy hair is its own reward. See and feel the immediate improvement from one of Octagon’s customized deep conditioning treatments. Whether your hair is dry, damaged, thinning, flaking, oily, over-processed or fragile. Follow up at home with a once a week recommended conditioner, and you will have the best of both worlds.

hair conditioning starting at
keratin smoothing treatment
(frizz free for 3-5 months)
coppola keratin express treatment
(frizz free for 4-6 weeks)
115 and up
brazilian blowout smoothing treatment
(up to 12 weeks)
Brazilian demi-permanent conditioner (lasts 12 shampoos)30
express keratin or brazilian
(up to 6 weeks)
hair conditioning starting at
customized chemistry shot*20
customized masque treatments15

*add to a cut, color, or style only

Additional fees may be applied in the event that more than customary time or material is needed to properly complete a service.